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Incremental innovation and pricing: zoom on a textbook case

Zoom on a textbook case: the Iphone The success story of the iPhone illustrates very well the variety and possible evolution of pricing strategies. At the start of this saga: a successful disruptive innovation launched in 2007. Yet Apple did not invent the Smartphone: IBM launched the very first in 1994 (13 years earlier) and […]

Incremental innovation and pricing

Innovation & pricing – Part 1 – incremental innovation In this series of articles I want to share my thoughts on bringing innovation to the market. Often, the price of an innovation is not addressed with sufficient time and resources. Yet companies generally have a “long time” to prepare the future offer (with the exception […]

How to forecast in times of crisis?

How to forecast in times of crisis? The current global health crisis has led many companies to cancel their forecasts. The general uncertainty and the lack of visibility on the behavior of economic actors make their forecasting exercise very difficult. As usual barometers are experiencing historic declines, anxiety spreads. In this context, many companies have […]

We are attending “the art of pricing” conference University of Technology of Compiègne Alumni Paris, January 24th 2017

We are attending Research & Results trade show Munich 26-27 October 2016  

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” I have spent all my life in trying to guess what was at the other side of the hill.” (A. Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington)