Exclusive Price Vision

" I have spent all my life in trying to guess what was at the other side of the hill." (A. Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington)

Price Vista™

Consulting and research in pricing for exclusive price vision.

Client focus


International experience

Price surveys need to be adapted to every country. Competitive landscapes are different. The ways of doing business and forming prices vary strongly between cultures.

Highly complex products & services

Business to Business

Reliable Price data in Business to Business is hard to find.

Data might be very difficult to analyze. The deal context is not very well known. Sometimes the technical specifications are partly or totally missing. Many services can be included in the product price.

Price Vista brings you the art of comparing “apples to apples”.

Methodology expert

All methodologies are not reliable. They do not work in all countries and all segments. Making price surveys requires many years experience. But not only. You must be compliant with the law. Especially the Competition Law.

Useful link to EU publication “Compliance matters”

“Compliance matters” document source: © European Union, 2012.

At the service of pricing.

Pricing is a discipline that consists, with the help of methodologies, in establishing and changing the price of goods and / or services in order to achieve objectives.

Your benefits

Price management

Pricing is often the most powerful lever to impove your company’s profitability.
The price management needs a reliable vision of the market to take the right decisions every day.
Very often the comparison data available is either unexisting or strongly biased. Asumptions or beliefs can be far from business reality.
Price Vista will provide robust data to help you setting and adjusting your price position.

Price management consultants and price management softwares can tremendously improve the operating margin of their clients. They need something more than general business intelligence: price intelligence. Competitive market price intelligence will maximise their added value for their customers.

Business planning

Price is a fundamental input at the top of your projects business plans.
Setting a price only with a “cost + margin approach” is easy but risky.
Estimating the right selling price should be based on the market reality,rather than asumptions. Price Vista can provide you robust data to set up your price in a safer way.
It’s also a great negotiation tool for tranfer prices if you don’t manufacture your products inhouse.


Exporting to a new country is an adventure. Various risks must be considered.
One of them is launching investments without serious market intelligence.
A new entrant is lacking reliable information: competitors, products and service offers, pricing, sales channels, brand images.
Export can be totally different from your domestic market experience.
This weakness can lead to many errors and financial losses.
Price Vista will help you verifying your export opportunities.

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“Compliance matters” document source: © European Union, 2012.